High Voltage Testing and Insulation Diagnostic  Engineering Research Group

 From micro amperes to mega volts 

Welcome to the High Voltage Testing and Insulation Diagnostic Engineering (HiT-IDEN) Research Group website. It is of great pleasure that you spared your time and visited our website.

This website provides information about work and people of HiT-IDEN.  It also provides details of areas of expertise of HiT-IDEN team.

HiT-IDEN involves actively in high voltage engineering and related activities. These include research and  development, publication, supervisions, teaching and learning, consultation, testing, workshops, seminars  and talks and training in high voltage and power system field.


HiT-IDEN team has published numerous peer reviewed journal papers in high voltage engineering and  power system fields, completed projects from various sources. Almost ten MS students completed their theses under the umbrella of this group and currently research work of numerous MS and PhD students is  in progress.


We are constantly  working hard to set high aims for achievement; leading towards significant contributions at national and international level in both industries and academia.

News & Events


One-Day Interactive Workshop On Design and Operation Of High Voltage Facility was organized by HiT-IDEN Team

Seminar on recent trends in high voltage engineering was presented by Dr. Abraiz Khattak
Aimen Ayyub has successfuly defended her MS Thesis.
Monib Ahmad, Muhammad Safian Qureshi and Muhammad Bilal have successfuly defended their MS Thesis.
Faiza Ijaz, M. Hassan Raza, Muhammad Bilal Iqbal, Safi Ullah Butt and Aimen Ayub have published their work in high ranked peer reviewed journals.

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High Voltage Lab, USPCAS-E, National University of Science & Technolgy, H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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