Research and Development

Research Areas

  • High Voltage testing and analysis of power apparatus 

  • Non-destructive testing and analysis of power apparatus

  • Long term performance analyses and life estimation of cable and outdoor insulation

  • Accelerated testing setup development for cables and composite insulators

  • Design and fabrication of novel insulation for high voltage and general electrical applications

  • Design and analyses of grounding and shielding for substations and  high voltage environment

  • High voltage and leakage current monitoring and data logging

  • Development and recommendation of novel insulation for high voltage environment

  • Development of high voltage laboratory for R&D, Teaching and Commercial Testing: electrical design, layout, auto-cad/revit drawings placement of equipment
  • Smart insulation systems for smart grids
  • Testing and Analysis of HVDC systems


  • Development of accelerated weathering standard for Pakistan (Completed) 

  • Development of accelerated ultraviolet degradation chamber for high voltage composite insulators (Completed)

  • Real-time smart leakage current monitoring system for high voltage insulation system for laboratory and field conditions (Completed)

  • Development of Novel Nano Dielectrics for High Voltage and Dielectric Applications (In-Progress)
  • Improvement of RTV coatings of porcelain insulators for heavy contaminated area of Pakistan (In-Process)